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Merging Your Money with Your Life

We believe the first step in achieving financial independence is to begin the process of merging your money with your life. To do this, you need to understand your true direction—where you want to go and why—and how to get there. To help you discover your priorities and create a roadmap, we take you through a detailed exercise that involves identifying your core values, commitments and responsibilities, and wants and dreams.

We certainly understand that portfolio management is an integral part of any successful financial plan, though it only constitutes one part of the overall structure.

The fact is, we coordinate and provide advice on many other elements of your financial life such as retirement, estate, income tax, risk management, cash flow planning, philanthropy, as well as investments not actively managed by Exceedia Consulting Ltd. such as pension plans. We believe that other important elements of a well-structured plan are often overlooked or ignored when a fee, solely attributed to one facet of its facets, is charged.

Our Process

Relationships and trust require time.  At Exceedia, we focus on developing intergenerational plans and we understand that things worth building are worth protecting.

Personal Financial Organizer

We prepare a Personal Financial Organizer to consolidate and simplify your financial, legal, tax and estate planning.

Our Values

Integrity. Trust. Competency. Results. Honesty. Excellence. We believe values matter, and we live by ours every day.

Our Strategies

Working together with a team of legal, financial and estate professionals, your strategies are implemented in a coordinated and efficient manner.